A Brief Personal Testimony and Appreciation

I would like to share a short note of appreciation for the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, as well as comment on the positive affect on my life from meeting with the local church. I am 42 with a wife of 17 years and two children. I have an undergraduate degree and have completed some graduate work in business. I co-founded a software company with a friend since junior high school, which employs over 200 people.

I have been reading the ministry of both Watchman Nee and Witness Lee since I was 20. I have found all of their teachings to be consistent with the Bible and very enlightening to my Christian life. When I consider the most influential things in my life, the Lord Jesus Christ is foremost. He gained me and today keeps me, by His beauty and the sweetness of fellowship with Him. I still rejoice in the freshness of His Person and the provision of His grace to me in all my living and Christian walk.

The ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee has also been influential in my life. I judge the value of their ministry by its impact on my life. First, their ministry has always promoted the Lord above all things. He is the center of their ministry and their ministryís goal was to make Him the center of my life. Secondly, their ministry has helped me greatly to know how to walk a Christian life, with Christ as the center and goal, and to serve others as a natural outflow of the work of Christ in my own life. Thirdly, their publications have given me a solid foundation in the teachings of the Bible. I appreciate the consecration they both made to the Lord and I am a rich beneficiary of their work. At all times their ministry has fostered in me a deeper love and service to the Lord.

I have been meeting with the local church in various cities for over 20 years. The fellowship and practices are consistent with the Lord in my heart and the teachings of the Bible. The experience in the local church that I have enjoyed these years has been a rich blessing to my family and me. For instance, my daughter, who is twelve, has recently had a strong consecration to the Lord, and my wife and I are very happy to see her falling in love with the wonderful and beautiful Savior. This is a direct result of our family life, church meetings and the tender care given by many in our locality.

How I thank the Lord for all He has done and the rich supply and blessing He has given my family and me directly as the living Spirit, through the ministry of Godís servants, especially Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, and also through the practical care in the church.

Kevin J.

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