A Life Enriched and Full

I am now 43 years old and have been meeting in the local churches for one half of my life. As I consider my life, I cannot imagine it without my fellowship with the local church which I have enjoyed in four different localities with my wife of 23 yearrs. and my four daughters. I consider myself a debtor to the ministry of Witness Lee, and even to him personally. His honest expounding of the Bible truths and diligent seeking of the Lord to ďmineĒ the Bible riches have resulted in a life enriched with God and full of the divine life for me and my family.

In the local church I have been privileged to know men of the highest moral character and with the highest goals and pursuit-to know and experience Christ. The blessings have been incalculable to me and my family. Beyond the spiritual blessings received through this ministry, there has been the faithful provision of God through a wonderful career in sales and a family life with the enjoyment of human living. The traditions we have as a family have been enriched by the Christian practices we have enjoyed in the local church.

My children, unlike many of their friends, have received a solid foundation in the truth and are not being tossed about by the deceitfulness of this present age (Ephesians 4:14). They are all genuine believers in Christ yet at the same time are free to learn and understand the world around them. We believe they will choose Christ and we trust in Godís calling them in His own unique time and way.

My marriage has been full of mutual respect and is still growing in love. We honor God first, giving Him the first place in all things, and we respect one another as Godís children-each with our own unique salvation experience, and yet partners in the grace of God.

The vision in the ministry of Witness Lee has uplifted our human living by showing us that as believers in Christ, we have God Himself living in us, and His desire is that we would express Him. God became a man to bring man into the highest life-Godís life. We daily touch this life and grow in this life. I thank God for the ministry of Witness Lee and for the local churches on the earth today. It has been and continues to be a life enriched and full.


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